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Get On The Right Track With Your Paris Home Lighting Options

Get on the right track with your paris home lighting options

Track lighting can be tricky to use properly in your Paris home. It has two strengths over most other sorts of lighting. First, it is flexible. You can easily move your fixtures from one place to another across your ceiling. Second, it is directed. Rather than light rooms generally, it generates beams that fall on particular objects or areas. In this article, I will discuss when it is best to use track lighting as opposed to other types. Your Paris electrician is also a great resource for learning about the versatility of track lighting and its possible applications for your own home.

Use #1 – Accent Lighting: The most common use of track lighting (and, indeed, the reason for which it was invented) is for what is called “accent lighting.” This allows you to illuminate “accents” in your Paris home, like works or art or architectural details. Track lighting is perfect for accents, because you can easily move around your works of art and have your lighting follow them. The directedness highlights the details and nothing else.

Use #2 – Ceiling Ambient Lighting: Another fun use of track lighting is to turn the fixtures upward toward the ceiling. This has an interesting effect. Rather than have directed beams, you get diffuse light that bounces off of the ceiling. This can be especially effective if your Paris home has cathedral or other beamed ceilings. Put the track on top of the beams (where they are invisible), and shine them on the ceiling. The reflected light emphasizes your ceiling and also illuminates your room.

Use #3 – Task Lighting: Another common use of track lighting is to use it for various tasks, especially in the kitchen. This way, if you ever remodel your kitchen or simply move something around, you can easily move your lights to compensate. However, don’t fall into the common mistake of putting the lighting fixtures behind or above the people using counter space. You will just generate harsh shadows that will make the light hard to use.

Track lighting has a number of uses. It is especially good for accent lighting, but there are a number of other possibilities you can explore. Discuss the various options for track lighting in your home with your Paris electrical contractor.

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